Customer Testimonials

“The contractor had a strong construction team and was extremely responsive to the government in performing the contract. Their team was extremely knowledgeable in modular construction and produced a very good quality facility. This strong construction team was able to adjust and surge as required to accommodate any issues and meet the required completion date. Their safety practices in the field were also very good. The contractor is recommended for additional projects.”

United States Army Corp of Engineers
CECOM Training Center

“Diné Modular Construction, LLC was awarded a contract to provide design, engineering and construction services at Hunter Army Airfield. The contract requirements were to provide a turnkey Modular dining Facility, to include all associated equipment and site preparation.

Diné worked diligently to successfully meet the contract requirements and completion date. They went beyond their contractual obligation to accommodate customer requested changes. Their management and construction crew performed in a professional manner though the performance period of the contract. They continue to provide service and support beyond the completion date” assisting in addressing issues resulting in user error.

I would not hesitate to call upon Diné Modular Construction, LLC for future projects and highly recommend their service to other agencies.”

Calvin Shipman, Project Manager
Directorate of Public Works, Department of the Army
United States Army Garrison, Hunter Army Airfield

“I would like to point out that Diné Construction has gone above and beyond, bent over backward to complete this project in the time frame and budget that was needed to serve our customer. I would say this project has been a great success.”

Adam Johnson
US Army Corps of Engineers, Tucson Resident Office
Davis Monthan AFRC Project

“Congratulations and thanks to Diné Construction and everyone else who contributed to this effort; this job has been a great demonstration of both teamwork and individual effort. Thanks for a job very well done!”

Shari Brandt, Resident Engineer
US Army Corps of Engineers, Tucson Resident Office
Davis Monthan AFRC Project